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Freya Kapoor

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  • Language enthusiast and dedicated educator, specializing in language instruction and cultural immersion.
  • Passionate about fostering cross-cultural understanding through language learning experiences.
  • Experienced in adapting teaching methodologies to cater to diverse learner profiles and needs.

Background and Expertise

Freya Kapoor is a dynamic language instructor with a fervor for bridging linguistic gaps and nurturing intercultural connections. Her hometown is Houston, Texas. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Education, Freya’s academic foundation equipped her to instill a love for languages in her students. Since 2019, she lives in Madrid, Spain.

Passion and Dedication

Beyond her classroom endeavors, Freya is committed to promoting linguistic diversity and cultural awareness. She believes that language is a gateway to understanding, tolerance, and unity. Freya frequently collaborates with local organizations to host language exchange events, creating platforms for cross-cultural interaction.

Interests and Hobbies

Outside the realm of education, Freya is an ardent explorer. She finds inspiration in traversing historical streets, sampling local cuisines, and capturing the essence of Madrid through her photography. Freya’s dedication to discovery aligns with her mission to provide students with immersive and authentic language experiences.